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Summer Schedule started June 26th

Next Kyu Belt Grading

The next kyu belt grading August 11th.... more

Dojo Closed

The dojo will be closed for the July 3rd holiday....more

West Coast Camp

All the Shihans are coming for the West Coast Camp....more

Kumite Seminar

On July 25th we will be having a Kumite Seminar with 2017 Pam Am Champion....more

Richard Cooper

Richard Cooper

Shodan-ho 2014

Shodan 2015

Nidan-ho 2016

I grew up in England, and in my early years enjoyed sports, music and travelling.
Many years later I decided to immigrate to Canada and wanted to make British Columbia my destination.
I now live in Nanaimo and am enjoying Island life. Since moving to Canada I have trained in Goju ryu Karate and have attained the Black Belt rank of Nidan Ho.
I hope to continue training and teaching at Shima Karate School for many years to come.
I have competed in many Karate Tournaments and have achieved Gold medals in Kata at the Provincial level here in British Columbia.
Karate training has helped me to stay focused, challenged and disciplined.

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