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Jacob Lovejoy


Shodan-ho 2013

My name is Jacob Lovejoy. I am 17 years old and have been living in Canada for 15 years. I was born in Tacoma, Washington March 23rd, 1996. I have gone to school at Dover (for high school), McGirr (for elementary school), and Tots Town (for pre school)

I have been training in karate for almost 10 years so far. I was at the Lantzville dojo for 8 years and had to transfer to this dojo as it closed. I have a few close friends such as; William, Rhys, Sean, Ashton, Kamal, and Brandon. I have known some for a few years and some for even longer

I have lots of other friends that I barely talk to or haven't talked to in a while.

I live with my family in Nanaimo. I have a few pets and one of them recently passed away. We have a new dog named Dudley who is just as smart as our old dog. We haven't gone on many vacations but have lots of electronics. I enjoy karate and computers.

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