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Instructor - Shima Karate Dojos Nanaimo

Sensei Brenda Nordli

Sensei Brenda Nordli, Nidan

Brenda was born in 1962 in Berwin AB. Her family moved to Horne Lake shortly after that which is where she was raised. She met Sensei Kurt Nordli in high school and they got married shortly after graduation.

Brenda always wanted to work with kids so she got her daycare certification and started a daycare in Errington where they lived. After her husband decided he wanted to open a Shima Karate School in Nanaimo they sold the place in Errington and moved to Nanaimo to start their new life.

She started training at Shima in 1988 when the dojo opened and by 1990 was teaching the children's classes. She has been teaching all the children's classes since then and now has one of the largest "daycares" in Nanaimo with between 100-150 children in it.

Brenda attained her Shodan in 1995 and was due to grade for her Nidan in 2000. Due to an injury she was unable to grade but because of her contribution to karate was awarded one of the few "Honorary" Nidans that Sensei Richard Kim ever awarded.

She continues to teach the children at the dojo and is truly the heart of the Shima Karate School in Nanaimo.

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