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Bring a friend week during spring break,

Next Kyu Belt Grading

The next kyu belt grading April 6th.... more

Spring Break

The dojo will be open during Spring Break....more

Victoria Cup

The Victoria Cup will be April 28th....more

Island Championships

The Vancouver Island Championships is on May 6th....more

Shima Karate Dojos - Instructors

Sensei Marshall

Richard Marshall Sensei, Ph.D, Godan

Sensei Marshall was born in Toronto in 1946, and raised in Dundas Ontario. Upon completing grade 12, he worked for two years then traveled to Europe for a year staying and working mostly in England. Returning home he steeled into studying for a Stationary Engineering career. He joined the YMCA keep fit program and weight training for three years...read more

Sensei Kurt Nordli

Kurt Nordli Sensei, B.A. MCSE, Yondan

Sensei Kurt Nordli was born in New Zealand in 1962. He came to Canada in 1969 with his parents, and graduated from Ballenas High School in 1980....read more

Sensei Brenda Nordli

Brenda Nordli Sensei, Nidan

Sensei Brenda was born in 1962 in Berwin AB. Her family moved to Horne Lake shortly after that which is where she was raised. She met Sensei Kurt Nordli in high school and they got married shortly after graduation....read more

Sempai Scott Zmaeff

Scott Zmaeff Sensei, Sandan-ho

Scott was born in Vancouver, British Columbia. At the age of 2 his family moved to Nanaimo on Vancouver island where he was raised. ...read more

Sempai Katherine Lakusta Good

Sempai Katherine, 2nd Kyu

Sempai Katherine (Lakusta) Good was born in Calgary in 1971.She spent most of her life in Alberta, in the rural community of Balzac. ...read more


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