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Evan Milne

Shodan-ho 2016

Shodan 2017

I was born on the 28th of December 2000. I went to elementary at Frank J Ney from kindergarten to grade 7.

I got into karate when I was in grade 4; I was being bullied and my parents decided to put me into karate. I made a lot of good friends that I still am very close to today.

When I was in grade 8, I went to the BC Winter Games in Mission. At that tournament, I came home with a silver medal in team sparring. I also had gone to provincials that year too and I got a gold in tam kata and in individual kata.

The next year at the same tournament I won gold in both individual kata and individual kumate. That year I also went to Penticton as a referee for the 2016 BC Winter Games.

Currently I am in grade 11 at Dover Bay Secondary. My plans for when I get out; get into a good university and figure out what I want to focus on, being a chef or being a forensic scientist.

This year I am also trying out for the BC Provincial Team so I can go compete at Nationals in Quebec City.

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