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Corin Cooper


Shodan-ho 2015

Shodan 2017

My name is Corin Cooper. I was born April 11, 2002 in Nanaimo B.C. This year I am starting at Dover Bay High School. I enjoy Math, Science, Social Studies and Art. I always study hard and one day I hope to become a doctor.

In 2007 my parents enrolled me at the Shima Karate School in Lantzville with Sensei Maximchuk After my ?rst class I was hooked. For 4 years I trained at that dojo and leamed a huge amount of the training of Karate. I moved to Shima Karate Nanaimo under Sensei Nordli where I am currently training.

In Karate, I have participated in numerous tournaments. In the last 5 years I have quali?ed for the Provincial Championships, and in January 2015 I went to the National Championships where I trained with the B.C. team. As a result, I got fourth in the -48kg Ktunite division.

Two years ago I got a chance to teach some of the younger classes and samurai classes. I enjoy teaching and it helps me review my curriculum. I am currently a brown belt in the art of Kobudo and train with multiple weapons including bo, tonfa, kama, knife, sai and many more. I always have fun training in the Weapons class.

Now that Iím entering high school, I hope to try out for the various sports teams, cross-country and some Track and Field events. I intend to continue playing sports throughout my life and look forward to continuing my training in Goju-Ryu Karate.

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