Quick Note

Next Kyu Belt Grading

The next kyu belt grading February 2nd.... more

Dojo Closed

The dojo will be closed February 12th for Family Day....more

Shiai (tournament)

All Shima students are invited to the Shiai on Feb 10th....more

Awards Dinner

Shima Tournament Team will be honored at an awards dinner on Feb 16th....more


Sempai Amelia Cooper has been selected as a finalist for “Junior Female Individual Athlete of the Year” award for her fantastic accomplishment of placing #1 in kumite at the 2017 IKGA Global Karate Championships.

The entire Shima tournament team that participated at the 2017 IKGA Global Championships are finalist for “Team of the Year” award.

Sensei Kurt Nordli has been nominated - Sports Administrator of the Year - which gives Shima 3 nominations for this great event

The 13th Annual Nanaimo Sport Achievement Awards are being held ‪on Friday, February 16th, 2018‬ at the Coast Bastion Hotel ‪beginning at 6 p.m.‬ The Athletes are presented to the audience ‪at 7 p.m.‬ with dinner following.



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